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Hi, my name is Dr. Ina Nozek …

and I’ve been a clinical nutritionist for over 20 years. I hope I can be of service to you.

In the beginning of my nutritional career

I believed we could meet our nutritional needs by eating a diet rich in organic, natural, wholesome foods that nature provided. That was back in the late 1980’s, when our food supply was a lot more nutrient-rich. It was also at a time when our environment wasn’t quite as toxic as it is today.

Through the years of clinical practice, I started to see more and more people suffering with various nutritional imbalances, resulting in a lack of wellness in many different aspects of their lives. I also began to see many people with stubborn weight issues. No matter what these people seemed to do for themselves in terms of diet and exercise, nothing seemed to be as effective as it once had been.

Although I was helping many people improve their health and well being, I was coming up short with other folks I really wanted to help. This led me on a journey to continually search for, and learn about, new ways to assist people with their health and wellness goals.

Also at some point many years ago,

I began to realize the impact environmental toxins have on our health. I also began to understand the connection between toxicity and weight issues. I began to use a lot of detoxification programs, both personally and in my clinical practice.

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“I’ve been working with Dr. Ina and her nutritional cleansing program and honestly I have never felt better in my life!  My energy improved, I’m feeling younger and more vibrant and most of all, I’m fitting in my skinny jeans for the first time in years!”

Jean Orlander

Retired School Teacher

“Dr. Ina is a gem!  I’ve been struggling with my weight and some health issues most of my adult life; especially since hitting menopause.  She guided me through her nutritional program and I feel amazing!  I was finally able to get my body lean through her program and I feel healthier now than I did when I was in my 30’s!”

Tina Richardson

Nurse Practitioner

“The combination of Dr. Ina’s nutritional program and her coaching and support really has allowed me to reach my health and wellness goals.  I travel a lot and have a very social career.  She has really helped me to learn how to make the right choices.  I no longer have any food cravings and my energy level is better than ever!”

Frank Spear

Sales & Marketing

There is so much more that I want to share with you…

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