In my previous blog, I wrote about 4 important steps to fighting obesity. I talked about the importance of some of the obvious and most basic steps including eating a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, getting enough restful sleep and incorporating some sort of exercise routine into your life.

One other step that I want to share with you is something that along with the previous steps is extremely important and one that many people do not realize how much of an impact this has on your weight and other health challenges as well.

Many of you are fully aware of the overwhelming amount of toxins that we are all exposed to every single day. There are toxins in the air we breathe, the water that we drink and certainly, there are boatloads of toxins in the food we eat. Even if we attempt to live a healthy lifestyle and focus on a wholesome, organic diet, the toxins are still there.


Rocket fuel for example, is present, even in organically grown fruits, vegetables and grains!!

One of the things that our bodies do in response to this overload of toxins that we are all subjected to, is to produce more fat cells and/or increase the size of the fat cells that already exist on our body. This is a protective mechanism. Our fat cells enrobe the toxins to protect our internal organs. This causes what we know as stubborn weight loss since the fat has a very strong purpose.

There are many people, maybe even you, who eat clean, healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis, and still cannot achieve their goals. For many, its as if even very strict efforts, produce minimal results. This can be extremely frustrating and un-motivating when the results just aren’t being achieved with all of that effort.

We are all toxic

Keep in mind, not everyone is overweight but we are all toxic. So when you see a thin person, it’s not that they are not effected by the toxins, its just that it’s showing up differently in their bodies.

In addition to the stubborn weight issues, the toxic load also creates a lot of inflammation which leads to various other health conditions that so many people are suffering from. This results in more people who are not only overweight, but who are also lacking any sense of vibrant health.

We are born with a detoxification system.

Now, to be clear, each and every one of us are born with a detoxification system. This system is designed to get rid of the toxins that are either entering our body from our air, food, water etc and also handles the toxins that are produced by our own body during metabolism and other functions that naturally create toxins. The problem is that our body was never designed to live in such a toxic world.

Therefore, we absolutely need to incorporate a cleansing/detoxification program in order to support our body’s own natural detoxification system.

By incorporating the right cleansing and detoxification system, your body will be supported in it’s natural ability to rid itself of these toxins that are mainly stored in our fat cells. Once these toxins are released, we can then burn the fat for energy since the fat cells no longer have that purpose of protection.

This also, with the right system, will also support the reduction of visceral fat; the fat that surrounds our internal organs and causes all types of inflammatory responses and havoc in our body.

Types of Cleansing Programs

If you decide to do a program for your own health and to fight your own weight problem, here’s a few things to consider.

  • Certain cleansing programs target a specific organ as opposed to the entire detoxification system. For example, a colon cleanse will cause a purgative effect on your colon and won’t necessarily support the other detoxification organs. It is much healthier, safer and more effective to support the entire detoxification system on a cellular level.
  • Some programs will cleanse your body but leave you more depleted. This can have negative consequences on your health. It is imperative to cleanse your body with a program that simultaneously replenishes the nutrients that your cells need to function optimally.
  • Being guided by a health care professional while following a cleansing system is a smart idea. The support and accountability can make all the difference in the world and when working with a professional you will have the proper guidance to get the most optimal results.

A good whole body cellular cleansing system will rebalance the body and create a lean, healthy and energized YOU!

If you are struggling with your own weight challenges, it may be time to consider a whole body cellular cleansing program to allow you to look and feel your absolute best!

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