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Dr. Ina S. Nozek, D.C., M.S., CN is a clinical nutritionist and a Doctor of Chiropractic. She has been involved in nutrition & holistic health since the mid-1980’s. For over 20 years in her clinical practice, Dr. Ina specialized in both stubborn weight loss and various detoxification programs.

Dr. Ina is now retired from her private practice so that she is better able to offer her coaching and support system to a broader base of clients.  This coaching approach is highly effective in helping people attain their health and/or weight loss goals, and uses a revolutionary system of nutritional cleansing and replenishing.  Best of all, her coaching and services are complimentary.

In addition to lecturing nationwide on a variety of health topics, Dr. Ina has also made numerous radio and television appearances. These include being the co-host of a 12 part cable TV series on alternative medicine and holistic health entitled “Lifeline” and hosting a weekly radio health talk show entitled “Listen for Your Health”.  

Dr. Ina is a co-author of the Amazon best selling book, Women Living Consciously.  In addition, she and her husband recently published their book, Trusting Your Inner Physician: Practical Prescriptions to Live a Life of Optimal Health, Abundant Wealth and Total Freedom.

Dr. Ina lives on the New Jersey shore with her husband and business partner, Dr. Glenn Nozek. They have 3 children; Max, Arielle & Jacob.

Dr. Ina S. Nozek, D.C., M.S.,

Best-Selling Author

Clinical Nutritionist

Weight Loss Specialist

And Success Coach.

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