For some of us, finding our true purpose in life is one of the most challenging things to discover. What were you born to do? What is your passion? What is your burning desire? What kind of legacy do you want to leave? What drives you? Why are you here on this earth?

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Many people in search of their true calling get lost while trying to discover what it truly is. They may go around in circles trying to decide what their purpose is, and that can hold them back from achieving success because they are too caught up in the big idea of revealing their sole purpose to create a meaningful life. Finding our true purpose can sometimes cause us to be stuck.

If you are inspired, that inspiration pulls you. You are naturally driven by that desire. It will get you out of bed in the morning and keep you up late at night. But some of us just aren’t aware of what it is that inspires us. Quite often, we are not inspired, so we really have to push ourselves to move productively toward achieving our goals.

One thing that has really helped Ina and me discover our why is to think continually about what excites us. Ask yourself that question: What excites me? What makes me happy? What brings me joy? For Ina and me, we get excited about giving generously. Whether it’s a special charity that we want to support or just being generous with friends and loved ones, we get excited. Traveling also excites us. We love to travel and explore the world, meeting people from other cultures and experiencing how they live. Eating gourmet meals and drinking fine wines excites us. Listening to great music and attending live concerts in small venues excites us. Teaching people how to be healthy, how to transform their bodies, and how to live a healthy and balanced life excites us. Spending quality time with our family and our close friends excites us, too. And we are especially excited when we can inspire others to be successful with their health, in their relationships, and in living the lives of their dreams. When we can show others the way to achieving freedom, it brings us joy. It is what gets us out of bed each day and motivates us to do more, to serve more people, and to make a greater difference.

So what excites you? Is it spending time with your children? Is it being able to buy what you want? Is it the ability to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want? Or perhaps it’s something bigger?

Whatever it is for you, it’s important to stay aware of what brings you joy and excitement and what pulls you forward.
When you have a very strong why, the ‘hows’ just happen. When you have a burning desire to achieve success in any area of your life, you will figure out the mechanism to accomplish what it is that you want. The key is to keep that desire strong and let it be your driving force.

You can achieve tremendous success in all areas of your life by finding your why, and until you find it, by staying in touch with what excites you on a regular and consistent basis. The more joy you bring to yourself, the more you will attract, and ultimately, you will be living on purpose and achieving amazing success!

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