Make your own rules? Say what???

I taught myself something years ago that has helped me to achieve and maintain an ideal weight and continues to guide me in keeping me lean, healthy and energetic (even at age 52). I’d like to share it with you.

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Make some strict rules for yourself and never break them! If you’re confused and don’t really get what I mean by that, let me give you some examples.


I don’t eat fast food.


The last memory of eating any fast food was over 30 years ago when Glenn and I were traveling home from chiropractic school. It was a 12-hour drive, we had just ended an intense semester and we were exhausted. I remember wanting ‘comfort food’ and we stopped at a KFC. Needless to say, although I’m sure it tasted good, I swore off fast food, knowing how far it is from ‘real’ food, and I’ve never consumed any since then. So one rule that I have for myself is that “I don’t eat fast food”. No matter how hungry I am and no matter how inconvenient it is sometimes to find real food when we are on the road, I never break that rule.


I never consume gluten.


It’s been many years and although I’ve never been tested for Celiac disease, I know that I’m very negatively affected when I eat it. I get tired, depressed, cloudy headed, irritable, bloated and it puts weight on me very quickly. Those are just a few of the ‘not so lovely’ side effects of me eating gluten.


Now, although I absolutely love bread, pasta and other gluten foods, the aftermath of eating them is not worth any temptation. So my rule has become, “I don’t eat gluten”. This may or may not apply to you but make sure that you ‘tune in’ to how foods impact your own well being and make sure to be honest with yourself. Do certain foods, although delicious, work against your efforts of health and vitality? If so, ask yourself the question, “is it worth it”?


I allow myself a cheat day.


Every Sunday, we do a nice family dinner. It is on Sundays that I will allow myself to indulge more in starchy carbs (brown rice, potatoes, gluten free pasta, etc). Typically, during the rest of the week, I don’t consume those foods. They tend to cause weight gain for me and again, although I love those foods, being overweight is not worth any temptation. However, on Sunday, if I feel like eating those foods, I allow myself to do so. That’s my “Sunday rule”. Then I’m right back on track on Monday.


I’m sure you get the idea. Make your own rules that will work for you based on your health goals, your lifestyle and what will keep you feeling happy and healthy. Make rules for yourself around water consumption, daily exercise, food choices, etc. The key is to do what works for you and to not break your own rules. Rules can change as your goals change but make sure that the rules you make will help you to reach and maintain your specific weight and wellness goals.

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