If you’re like most of the US population, losing weight and eating a healthier diet was your New Year’s Resolution for this year and perhaps in many past years as well. Hopefully, you have stuck to your plan and are seeing results for yourself. I certainly hope you are off to a great start and moving in the direction of your goals.

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If you’re like many people you may have already quit on yourself or never even got started. Quite frankly, you are not alone. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to actually start. For some people, not having a doable plan in mind or not having the support and accountability makes the difference between success and failure.

Here’s a few tips for you to help you to achieve your weight loss goals this year!


  1. Find a solid and safe nutritional plan that is easy enough to follow and that especially fits into YOUR lifestyle. For example, if you travel a lot for work, then a lot of planning and preparation is not going to be something realistic.
  2. Make sure that you have somebody holding you accountable. Whether it’s a friend, your spouse or even a co-worker, having the support and accountability will make all the difference in achieving success. Whoever you choose as your accountability partner(s), understand that the person or people do not have to be on the same journey with the same goals. If they want the best for you and will make sure that you stay honest and on track then they will be just right to support you on your weight loss journey.
  3. Set small goals with non-food rewards with each achievement. Perhaps a massage or buying a new clothing item will be a nice incentive for you to stick to your plan with strength and perseverance. Make it fun and always remember to ‘celebrate your small achievements’.
  4. Never underestimate ‘non-scale victories’. Take notice of your energy level improving, your cravings reducing, feeling more comfortable in your jeans, etc. Keep your focus on all of the positive changes such as in your habits, in your mindset and in making healthier choices. If you’re on the right plan, these changes should be noticeable and make sure to keep your focus on those victories as you move towards reaching your ultimate goals.
  5. Visualize yourself in your ideal body. Before you begin and as you end each day, take a few minutes to see yourself in your mind’s eye having achieved the success that you desire. Close your eyes and see how great you look and how wonderful you feel. Tap into the vision and the positive emotions that will emanate as a result of your upcoming success.

Feel free to reach out to me for support. I offer a free 30 minute consultation. If you need the perfect nutritional plan, the accountability and the tools to be successful once and for all, perhaps I can be of service and I’m only a click away.

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