Some of you may have seen P Diddy’s youtube video where he tells you to “LOCK IN”. There are many positive terms that are used to remind us to keep focused on our dreams and goals and P Diddy is using the term “LOCK IN”. I tend to use some of the terms myself to keep myself on target.

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Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan is probably one of my favorites since I often find that it’s better to not think about things that will create fear or resistance for myself but rather that I “Just Do IT” and if I stay focused on the action, things get done and I can sort of ward off the negative feelings that can possibly get in the way of me achieving my goals.

One thing that has been most useful for me is that I use the image and analogy of an on/off switch.

When it comes to willpower and being empowered to stay on track with diet and exercise, I feel that within my mind is an internal switch. I choose to turn the switch on and then nothing can stop me… I can resist any temptation AND it keeps me motivated and driven to work towards my health and wellness goals.

Honestly, the switch isn’t ALWAYS turned to the “on” position but knowing that it is ultimately my choice to flip it on or off empowers me to do the right thing for myself and make the best choices.

I encourage others to “FLIP THE SWITCH” to the “ON” position and stay strong and determined to achieve YOUR health and wellness goals!!!

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