One of the big injustices in our creation is that some people can eat all that they want and never gain an ounce and then there’s many of us who cannot even look at certain foods without packing on the pounds.  How unfair!! 

I have always thought and shared with my patients through the years that having to be weight conscious is sort of a blessing in disguise because it does force us to look at what we are putting in our bodies and many of us do become health conscious as a result of having to REALLY watch what we eat.  With that said, I still can sympathize AND empathize with people who do have a less than optimal metabolism.  

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Imagine the people (and it may be some of you reading this) who can eat until the cows come home and they are still as lean as can be.  However, are they as healthy as can be???? 

For those people who never had to be conscious about their weight but who are also not conscious about health at all, they may be indulging in unhealthy fare and this could very possibly be having a very negative impact on their health. 

If you are one of the many people who REALLY have to work hard to be lean, be grateful for the consciousness that arises from that and of course we know that in order to really achieve our ideal weight, fitness is KEY. 

As we build lean muscle through proper exercise, our metabolisms will be optimized.  Now for those of you who really HATE exercising, my suggestion is to change that to an attitude of gratitude.  Be grateful that you have the ability to use your legs and arms and your entire body. Don’t take that for granted. 

Being grateful for the ability to move your body as it was intended, will greatly enhance your ability to attain and maintain a lean, healthy and beautiful body!

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